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The collection for Spring Summer 2016 underscores the flexibility

with which the garments can be used, and the different look each garment acquires depending on how it is teamed with other elements.


Use of the most suitable bag and shoe becomes essential for strengthening this concept,
and lends itself to creating unexpected, seductive outfits.


The jackets are particularly striking, and are all highly customised and personalised.
All the duster coats are made special with 3D prints, overprinting or layers of raffia. The leather
proposal, ranging from the biker to the bomber jacket, is enhanced by the glazed effect, by the tassels and
the macrame, which are also carried over onto the dresses to create a “super special” effect. The two-tone
version of the double-layer eco leather is convincing and eye-catching.


The renewed chantilly lace set against a neutral tulle background with contrasting flowers,
with its deluxe vintage appearance, gives a sartorial look, combined with the ottoman s
tripe which creates new volumes.


The focus is on long, print and plain colour dresses. Fluid and versatile,
they consolidate the international allure of the brand.